Saturday, June 7, 2008

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Understanding "Franchises"

A Franchise is nothing more than a business that uses the exact same "model" no matter where the location exists. For Example: No matter where you go, you will see that every McDonald's Restaurant uses the same logo, uniforms, menu and offers the same "customer experience". The reason why the Franchise Model is so successful is because you can replicate it without "reinventing the wheel".

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Buying The Right Franchise!

Franchises definitely have their benefits. You end up with a recognized name. This in and of itself could be worth the price of admission. Think about it. Which place would you rather eat at? Mom's Restaurant and Grill or The Olive Garden?

Building Name recognition is not easy. Mom's Bar and Grill can't buy the TV time; Radio Ads; Professional Chef's and a gazillion big signs that appear all across the United States! Olive Garden Can!

To Find the Best Franchise, it always pays to work with a non-interested Party or Franchise Coach. It also helps to know which one is the right match for you. After All you are the one that will be owning and running it! Get Our Course: "Buying The Right Franchise" Here! You can also sign up with an coach to help you through the process!